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Modern Indian cuisine

What if we tell you there is no such thing as ‘Indian cuisine’. The cuisine encapsulates centuries of cultural and culinary exchange with Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Mughals and of course, British making it a unique blend of varied cuisines.

Inspired by the colourful palette of traditional Indian herbs and spices, modern Indian cuisine celebrates the country’s regional diversity and aims to enhance the natural flavours of the dish to the point of perfection. The focus is always on the plate and the emotion that it evokes in the customer.

As the saying goes ‘Food is love made edible’, our menu has been carved with a spirit of imagination and love to delight our customers every single time. So, whether you wish to savour our mouth-watering galouti kebabs or the brazenly blissful biryani, our food trails will always leave you asking for more.

So, are you ready to experience a truly special Indian bistronomic journey with Cidsin?

Takeaway Menu

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Takeaway orders only by phone please. Call 01796 472399